For your convenience, HANADI has made available for you 20 standard rooms and 5 suites of which 1 junior and 4 seniors spread across 3 floors. Each room has got a balcony that lets you either to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of a nice neighbourhood, change atmosphere or just to smoke a cigarette.
All our rooms are equipped with a spacious bathroom, a 21-inch LCD TV set in standard rooms and 32-inch in suites; adjustable air conditioning and a comfy and cosy bed. A Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel and a satellite TV.
With HANADI, your stay is guaranteed to be restful and lovely.

A large conference room named after the historian, etymologist, writer and specialist of Malian oral literature – the professor Youssouf Tata Cisse – for all your gathering needs. In it are cutting edge equipment such as HD video projector, HD camera, and high tech public address system.

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