Located 15 mins away from the airport and 10min from the city centre is a beautiful hotel in the capital city of Mali (Bamako) - Hotel HANADI. The carefully chosen surroundings in which the hotel is implanted gives it an exceptional atmosphere and a very quiet place to relax. HANADI is among the city's very rare hotels that provides an outstanding quality of service at a fairly reasonable price. With its 20 standard rooms (all air-conditioned), a senior and 4 juniors suites, HANADI will be more than happy to ensure you a high availability whenever you call in all year round. The cleanliness of the promises and the quality of the service provided by a courteous, friendly and above all, professional, will take your breath away. An outdoor bar/restaurant allowing late service hours to supplement the indoors one. And a free access computer at the reception hall and in the lounge of each floor. HANADI... you're going to have an unforgettable stay!

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